Get Your Feng Shui On with Spring Cleaning

Spring is here and it is the best time to start tidying up your home. Reorganize and declutter your space to improve the flow of good energy. Apply some feng shui to your space to create that new sense of calm and balance.

Feng shui helps bring positive energy in all aspects of our lives but can be affected by the state of our living spaces. You want to improve your cluttered living space to create balance in your home. It’s time to get your feng shui on!

Clean Windows

Believe it or not, windows are crucial when it comes to feng shui. They’re considered to be the eyes of your home. Dirty windows can cause you to see the world unclearly or have a blurry perception. Cleaning and opening them will allow the release of bad energy and the attraction of good energy.

A good way to clean them is a simple mix of white vinegar and water, finishing off with a citrus essential oil for a refreshingly bright result. Then, wipe them with a microfiber towel for a neat finish.

Declutter Kitchen

A clean healthy kitchen means a good state of health for yourself. If your kitchen is filled with cluttered or unhealthy items then your health may be in a bad state. In this case, it’s time to fill your kitchen with some better energy.

Start off with a healthier lifestyle and get rid of any unhealthy food and kitchen items you don’t use. Fill your kitchen up with more whole foods and potted plants instead. This will help improve your kitchen’s energy.

Bring Nature in with a Natural Scented Candle

The best way to represent your new, clutter-free dwelling is with a nice natural scented candle. Our natural scents include earth, fire, water and wood.

The earth scent promotes nurturing, caring energy. The earth scent is perfect for when your space is filled with family. It helps give off loving and caring energy that fills the room. The earth candle offers hints of patchouli, amber and musk.

The fire scent promotes intimate and friendly energy. When your partner or friend is in your newly clean space, a fire-scented candle will increase positive and fun energy for you both. The fire candle is spicy and earthy with a slight “hot” aroma.

The water scent is the fresh light scent of the ocean breeze. The wood scent promotes communication. Our wood candle is a deep, earthy scent with moderate herbal top notes. If you want to give off more of a trustworthy, professionalized energy, you definitely want to go with the wood scent. It also conveys that this is an area that thrives on communication.


A clean and natural scented space is the best way to create nice and refreshing energy throughout your home. For more information, visit our website.

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