Guide to Entertaining Outdoors This Summer

Summer comes with amazing weather and the best scenery. This makes it perfect for throwing parties or get-togethers surrounded by beautiful nature. If you’re ready to entertain in the best way this summer, then continue reading our guide to entertaining outdoors this summer.

Create the Perfect Space

The best part about entertaining outdoors is that the space is unlimited! A nice big area gives you plenty of vision for setting up and decorating. A small area brings people closer together, but too close. A bigger space will give your guests plenty of room to mingle without feeling hot and cluttered.

With, you also want to make sure that shade and seating are provided. There’s nothing worse than your guests complaining about how hot and tired they are at your own party. You want them to feel relaxed but energetic enough to join in on the fun. Heat and standing up for hours will prevent that.

Light up Your Night or Day

Good lighting is sure to set the mood at your party. Sure you could decorate your space with stringed lights, but you’re outdoors. Why kill the natural vibe with more electricity? Instead, consider decorating your space with candles. Candles look good in the daytime and in night. They’re also perfect for killing off those pesky little flies that’ll be roaming around at your party.

For even better use, set up a few summer-scented candles in and around your space. This will bring out your summer outdoors theme. So with a simple candle at your party you can create great lighting, kill off bugs and provide a comforting summer scent all throughout your space. That is killing three birds with one candle!

Entertaining is More Than Just Throwing the Party

With a party comes entertainment, and entertainment means anything that keeps your guests occupied and well, entertained. Whether it’s music, a movie or activities, your guest should feel like they’re having fun and enjoying their time there.
Put out some fun activities and games to play. Create an outdoor theatre and put on a few movies that everyone will enjoy. Play some good, likable music and make everyone dance if you have to!

Don’t Starve Your Guests

You can’t throw a party with no food. Now that’s just cruel! You always want to have something laid out for your guests to eat. Be sure to put out a variety of different things to eat to be considerate of those with food allergies or those that are vegan. And you can’t have food without drinks so provide some water, sodas or adult beverages.


We hope this guide was helpful, and that you use this when planning to entertain outdoors. For more information, visit our website.

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