A Custom Candle Halloween

Are you looking to spice up your Halloween party this year? Do you want to decorate beyond jack o’lanterns and pumpkins out by the front porch? Or make your house smell sweet as candy for a special spooky date night? We got you covered.

Introducing Custom Candle Company’s Halloween candle collection. We provide candles with monstrous designs that will make you shriek with joy. Whether it’s for decorating your porch for the autumn season, have an inviting smell in your home, or celebrating the season of ghouls and goblins.

An All-Natural Festive Candle

What makes Custom Candle Company different from other candles?

We wanted to create a candle with the best quality materials without becoming toxic. Using all-natural soy to create our candle wax and use it as a base to play around with different scents no matter the time of year.

For our bottled candles, we repurposed recyclable glass bottles. We wanted to reuse the bottles to recreate their original designs with different names or our own custom beer bottle designs.

With our new Halloween candle collection, we want our customers to breathe easy with our seasonal scents. And enjoy our team’s fun designs to make your spookiest night more festive.

The Great Pumpkin Candles

Here at Custom Candle Company, we have a patch of candles ready for pumpkin lovers. Try our Pumpkin Face Clear Tumbler candles. We have 4 scary faces that we promise will put a smile on your face. Or if you love pumpkins but want to stay in the festive, give our Cement and Ceramic Pumpkin candles a chance. They come in plain, polka dots and lines.

Dare to go beyond the patch? Then you might love our Jack O’lantern Cube. With 250 hours of burn time, that’s long enough to help countdown to the night of frights with a burst of toasted pumpkin spice. Or our Glass Pumpkin Pot candle that can last almost all of October while releasing the scent of Pumpkin Chai.

Candles for a Monster Mash

Like any holiday, there is bound to be a holiday party. Halloween is no exception. And at most great parties, there’s beer, a dance floor, and possibly someone’s birthday.

However, a friend of yours can’t drink that night since they have to be the one to drive their other friends home before midnight. Custom Candle Company got them covered. Catch a whiff of our Beer Can candles. The wax inside is beer scented to keep your friend and the rest of the party invigorated by alcohol goodness while staying sober.

Planning an October birthday to celebrate on Halloween but don’t want those boring birthday candles you find in the store? Use our Halloween stick candles. We have bats, ghosts, and pumpkins who will haunt the birthday cake to life. And forget about the candle wax dripping on the icing. The stick candles are made of all-natural soy.

We know some of you will forget about setting up music for their spooky party, so we provided our playlist for you. Our Musical Halloween candles provide a QR code on the back for your phone camera to scan and allow Spotify to play it. And you will so relaxed on dancing your feet off with the scent of Pumpkin Pancake and Candy Corn. Now you are the thriller of the party.

Trick or Treat Night with Boo

On a night when most people are dressed up as their favorite fictional character or their favorite monster, you’re preparing for a Halloween home date for your lover. You have Halloween candy for any trick or treaters coming to your door. All that’s left is how to make sure this is a romantic night instead of a frightful one.

Our customizable scented candle, Boo can help make your home feel relaxing through our 5 amazing scents. We aren’t called Custom Candle Company without the custom part in it.

If you plan to make cocktails for you and your date, the Cranberry Pear Bellini is the perfect fit for the night. Do you want your home to feel like a picnic date in an apple orchard? Apple Oak’s scent will help capture your imagination.

Is your partner anxious and feels more comfortable when outdoors? Cashmere Wood can help relieve their nerves while staying indoors. Are you baking any banana nut bread for your special Halloween treat? Keep up with your baking game with Banana Nut Bread.

And from our patch of pumpkin candles, Pumpkin Chai returns to keep the autumn refreshing. Whatever scent you choose, make Halloween night a soothing date night.

A Safe Halloween

Halloween may be a frightening time of year, but it doesn’t always have to be. With our homemade and all-natural soy candles, we aren’t pulling any tricks. We only offer treats. Have a safe Halloween.

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