Summer Is Ending … But Our Sales Aren’t!

Time really flies when you’re having fun — and we’ve had a great season! We hope that you did as well. As you know, we:

I know, I know — with so many great recycled candles, how can anyone pick just one? At Custom Candle, we love to help our customers find the right candle for the right moments in their lives.  So here are two of our favorites:


Summer in a BottleSummer in a Bottle

This candle can hold it’s own as a decorative piece. It’s floral design even once the candle is finished. When we’re locked in the cold of winter, these pieces will serve as a wonderful reminder that the sun will come out again in all it’s glory in just a short time.

When you order your candle pick a color and scent that work for you. We have lots of summer scents from which to choose. When you visit one of our stores, be sure to ask about the Lemon Verbena or Fresh Linen scents.  For a full list of scents and colors, as well as wholesale purchasing, visit our Brandboom catalog. Just another way to keep the summer alive!


Summer’s End: Labor Day

This is a candle that represents the spirit of our nation. The Taconic Distillery Bourbon Whiskey Candle boldly wears it’s colors. A perfect gift for the patriot minded as well as foxhound lovers.

(We did a little research and found that they the company uses the foxhound as their mascot because it was one of the first dog breeds sent to the Crown Colonies, which ties in nicely with National Dog of Day.)

This candle would pair up brilliantly with our Apple Oak scent which is a blend of McIntosh and Granny Smith apples with floral undertones and a hint of fresh oak leaves.

Our stock is limited, so hurry on over and get yours before they’re gone.

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