Celebrate the Dog Days of Summer with Us

Summer is a very active time for many families. In addition to the kids being off from school, we get to enjoy a lot more time outside with friends, family and our very furry friends. Dogs love to swim, hike, picnic — they’ll do just about anything to hang out with their human friends. This August, why don’t we do something for them as well? They’re always here for us; now it’s time to be there for them.

The Value of a Well-Trained Dog

One of the ways that we can help our pups is to invest our time in training them to behave in an acceptable manner. A well-trained dog will:

  • Be less likely to end up in an animal shelter.
  • Can participate more fully with their “pack” since they will have impeccable manners
  • Not become a nuisance in the neighborhood
  • Save you money on your homeowner insurance if you obtain a Canine Good Citizen Certificate from a reputable trainer

Everyone in the family needs to have a role, including your dog. Taking the time to teach them the skills they need and everyone will be happier.

Ways You Can Celebrate Locally

  • Custom Candle Co. has been committed to helping animals lead better lives for too many years to count.  which is why we donate $2 from each sale of our pet products to our local SPCA. Other forms of donations include volunteering time and goods such as blankets, canned foods, etc.
  • Our Westchester SPCA is having a “Clear the Shelter” day on August 17th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.There are so many dogs looking for their forever home. Your new best friend could be waiting for you.
  • The Monroe SPCA has setup a way for people to help the animals at their no-kill shelter through sponsorships. These donations helps them to defer the cost of surgery, medical care, pet food and other business expenses. They also accept corporate sponsorships and can provide necessary tax deduction documentation.
  • National Dog Day is on August 26th. If you own a dog, take a minute to give them a special treat, belly rub or other dog-friendly confirmation that they are loved and appreciated. Click here for 20 more ideas on how to celebrate this year.



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