Four Ideas to Virtually Celebrate Easter This Year

In this time of social distancing, many people are a bit disappointed that Easter will be different this year. Here are a few ideas to help you keep the spirit festive.Thanks to technology, your family can host a virtual Easter get together. Using tools like Zoom, Facebook Live, etc. you can invite the whole family to enjoy each other’s company while staying safe.

Cake Decorating Contest

A great party always has a cake. Why not have a cake challenge. Each family can create their own Easter creation and see which one has the best decoration. Or who was the most creative with their cake design.
The winners can get an IOU for a service or gift to be spent once this crisis is over. Here’s one cake idea — why not make carrot cake in honor of the Easter bunny. To top it all off, create an Easter-themed scene on top with icing. Here are three cake recipes to get you started:

Easter Themed Sweets

Cake is not always for everyone, but there are many kinds of goodies you can make. Try making blondies topped with Easter M&Ms or bright pink, Easter bunny bark filled with M&Ms and vibrant sprinkles.
The options are endless when it comes to Easter sweets. If you like cupcakes, use chocolate cupcakes to create personal carrot patches. Fill each cupcake with orange frosting and make sure you put a dollop on top, so it looks like a carrot is sticking outside of the “ground”. To create the most festive look, drop the finished cupcakes into mini terra-cotta pots.

Use Candles to Enhance the Day

We know from experience that candles bring a festive mood to any celebration. Your Easter party is no exception. Enjoy the smell of sweet chocolate with our Chocolate Bunny Scented Candle or our Coco A Mademoiselle Candle with its’ beautiful daisy container.
Embrace the smell of green tea and fresh lemon with our custom candles, which comes in turquoise or cream containers. If you prefer the scent of lily of the valley, then our orange, coral, cube candle is the one for you.
Candles are a great gift because your guests will remember the fun memories at your party for years to come, every time they light the candle. We have quite a selection of candles to choose from, so you are sure to find one your guests will enjoy. They are sure to smile at our Polka Dot Bunny Candle, Pink Polka Dot Chick Candle or our elegant Sugar Dish Candle or our Motif Sugar Dish Candle.
If those candles won’t work, then take advantage of our customization abilities to create one. We have several candles where you can customize the scent. For example, you can choose our Happy Easter Sparkle Eggs Candle or Hello Spring Tumblr Candle. To see all of our available candles, visit our easter candles page.

Give Kids Easter Stuffed Animals

One way to brighten a child’s day is to give them their very own Easter stuffed animal. We’ve created several stuffed animals you can choose from. We have two different stuffed ducks, one is a vibrant yellow, the other is a subtle yellow.
If your child does not like ducks, then they are sure to enjoy a stuffed plush frog or white lamb. These little critters are perfect for any springtime gift. We can have those delivered to your door — so no need to leave your home.
Our wish to you this Easter season is that you and your family remain healthy and strong during this crisis.

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