5 Candle Benefits You May Not Know About

Candles in a bath setting

You can see candles lit during Christmas time. You can also see them flickering at a table for two on Valentine’s day. Yes, candles add that extra touch to a space during the holidays. However, they are perfect for your everyday life too.

There are many people who love having candles around all year because they have numerous uses and benefits. They have been around for ages, and they aren’t going anywhere. Here are some benefits from burning candles that you may not know about.

Let Decoration and Ambiance Fill the Room

Candles are a great way to add special touches to various spaces. They come in a slew of sizes, shapes, colors and scents, so they can bring a lot of character to a room.

Candle lighting can also vary greatly. It depends on the wick size or even the container color or patterns. Due to their large selection, they can be used in just about any space to add a personalized finishing touch.

You can place them everywhere from your bathroom to your dining room table. They don’t just help decorate a space. They also add a warm ambiance to any room. They can make a room intimate, welcoming, cozy or calming. And if you’re missing the smell of fresh-baked cookies or the smell of home, candles also bring a touch of nostalgia wherever you go.

Bring on the Fragrance with Candles

Scented candles can add a wonderful fragrance to a room. You can add one to each room to present a different atmosphere.

Scents like lavender, rose, citron or vanilla are some well-known favorites. But these days, you can find just about any scent you can think of from fruity or herbal to masculine or floral.

If you are like Johnny Depp, you might opt for spice and lavender as your aroma of choice; or vanilla if you’re more like Beyoncé. Even celebrities aren’t immune to the attractions of scented candles!

They don’t just add a welcoming aroma. They can also help cover up unwanted odors. Many odors have positive charges, while burning candles produce negative ions. In other words, they can neutralize or even biodegrade pesky odors. A candle in the bathroom, anyone?

Candles, Culture and Tradition

Candles have a long history, so it’s not surprising to know that they are used in many different traditions and cultures. They help keep traditions alive and give special meaning to cultural practices.

There are some well-known religious traditions that incorporate candles you may already know about. For example, the lighting of candles on a menorah, a candle on Christmas eve or the candles on a kinara for Kwanzaa are familiar traditions. They are lit to represent different events or hold special meaning.

Other common cultural traditions would be the use of candles to show respect before a shrine or to say a prayer. They are also lit in response to the passing of a loved one or at candlelit vigils. They can bring a strong sense of unity and remembrance.

Candles are also a popular addition to weddings; as brides and grooms will light them to represent unity. Another popular practice is something you likely participate in yearly – the lighting and blowing out of candles on your birthday!

A Candle a Day

If you want to take care of your health, one thing you may not have thought of is burning candles. They can be incorporated in your daily routine as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Who knew they could be beneficial to health? It may seem far-fetched, but it’s true. Some scented candles can help you relax your body and mind. They can help calm your nerves if you feel anxious or lift your mood if you are feeling blue.

Here are some great scented candle options to help with anxiety or stress.

  • Lavender: relax the mind and body
  • Cinnamon: feel refreshed
  • Peppermint: enhance focus and wake up your mind
  • Vanilla: stimulate relaxation and joy
  • Orange: reduce stress

Scented candles can be a nice, wallet-friendly way to tend to your health. Just be sure to stay away from candles like those made from paraffin wax. When burned, they can have harmful health effects. A good candle choice without harmful health effects are Custom Candle Co.’s soy wax candles.

Ready for Romance

Set the table and dim the lights. Candles are often associated with romance; and for good reason.

Tapers can help start or keep your romance alive. They can also make the perfect gift or set the tone for a romantic night. They may be just what you need to get the right ambiance or lighting for a special date.

They give off low lighting and can tell your body to relax and get comfortable. They create an intimate space and a sense of warmth. Certain scents can also stimulate your senses in sensual ways. You can light a few tapers in the dining room, sitting room or bedroom for a romantic night in.

You may be looking for romance, relaxation or the perfect decoration for a room. Whatever the case may be, a candle could be the answer you are looking for. Visit Custom Candle Co. for a great selection of candles today.

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