Decorating Ideas for this Holiday Season

It is that time of year again when the weather turns cold and nature seems to rest. As the leaves fall and the snow blankets the earth, it is natural to spend more time in your home where it is warm. This holiday season, make your time indoors warm and unforgettable through our ideas on how to decorate.


It is not a surprise that wreaths have adorned homes for centuries as a means to add delight to any room. They can be an eye-catching display on your front door, greeting your guests with colors through fall leaves or pine cones. Whether you made or bought them, wreaths are a wonderful way to welcome your friends and family to your home. Wreaths do not only have to be on front doors, you can also use them inside against windows or to surround candles in a centerpiece.


You can make a living space feel so much more festive with a centerpiece on your console table or in your kitchen. These centerpieces may consist of table runners or table toppers, vases filled with cranberries and orange slices, or candles that smell of apple and oak. Custom Candle Co. recently came out with new scents for this season. You can buy them all in a bundle at a discounted rate. If you enjoy creating your centerpieces, here is a collection of pictures to look at for inspiration.

Decorating with Pillows, Blankets and More

This year, consider decorating with items outside of the seasonal aisle at decor stores such as wreaths and Christmas trees. Instead, buy several burnt orange or brown pillows for your living room’s love seat to give the room a pop of fall color. Another idea, although it may seem simple, is to add a fuzzy throw you can cuddle up with while drinking a steaming cup of cocoa. Elle Decor has some amazing ideas on how to decorate your home this season that are small and elegant.

Going Green

There are limitless possibilities to decorating your home when you include natural objects. From a Christmas Tree to pine cones on the forest floor, there are so many options. You do not need a very creative mind to create your own decorations. For example, you can get a clear glass vase, fill it with cinnamon sticks, kumquats, cranberries and pine cones. It’s as simple as that and you have a decoration that will look great in the fall and winter.

Do not forget one of the most stunning decorations nature has to offer, evergreen pine bowes. Snip some off a nearby tree and use them to surround one of Custom Candles’ fall or winter candles.

Another way to beautify your home is through decorating your front porch. Instantly give a feel of fall with a bale of straw on your porch or a dried bunch of corn stocks. Include pumpkins of various sizes to complement your other fall decorations. Do not let the possibilities with pumpkins stop there, you can also use them inside as pieces to accent your home.


It is during fall and winter, that candles are most often included in decorating. It is no wonder that candles have become a traditional decoration during this time of year. They give a certain warm and cozy feeling to any room with their bright flames and festive scents. To continue with the tradition, add a candle to your home through Custom Candles Co. Like their name, this company creates unique scents and styles that will match any festive decorations. Their Frosted White Square candle tied with a red bow is an elegant addition to any home. It comes in a variety of scents like pine, pumpkin ginger, cinnamon and apple. If you would like a more rustic feel, you cannot go wrong with the Travel Tin Candle that smells like banana nut bread.

For those of you who have children running around or will during the holidays, sometimes it is too risky to have an open flame like a candle in your home. If that is the case, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at Custom Candle Co’s diffusers like their cedar leaf and lavender scent combined with eucalyptus. Because eucalyptus is a natural odor eliminator, you can place these diffusers in bathrooms to always keep your home smelling wonderful.

Remember that Custom Candle Co has got you covered when it comes to scents this fall with their new line of candles and amazing scents exclusively for diffusers. Visit their website today, so you can make this holiday season unforgettable for you and your family.

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