Specialty Gifts: The Gift of Good Health with Himalayan Salt Lamps

The air around us contains a host of pollutants that can result in allergies, colds, flu and headaches. Even homes aren’t spared from these pollutants.


A large dose of fresh air is the ultimate way to show someone that you care. Himalayan salt lamps are specialty gifts that are all natural, attractive and require little maintenance. Skin dryness is improved, arthritis symptoms are reduced and concentration becomes more acute. This centuries-old method of collecting tainted water molecules from the air with heated Himalayan salt lamps brings a feeling of calmness and a sense of well being.

Easier to Use

Unlike mechanical air cleaners that are noisy and short-lived, Himalayan salt lamps are infinite and only require a light source. The degree of potency is controlled by the wattage of the light bulb. By providing a light and heat source, particles and water vapor are attracted to the salt. Once contained the contaminants are held while the fresh water vapor is returned to the air.

A Piece of Nature

Almost mesmerizing in appearance, this natural stone is a welcome addition to any room. Place it beside a favorite chair, on a night stand or anywhere that quality time is spent. The beauty of the stone and the improved breathing can transform a stressed mood into one of positive calmness.

Just as positive ions build up in the atmosphere prior to a storm front, negative ions accumulate following a storm. Negative ions have long been associated with improvements in mood and health. Many research studies have been conducted to support the view that negative ions have a net positive effect on one’s health, including improved mood, stabilized catecholamine regulation, circadian rhythm, and enhanced recovery from physical exertion and protection from positive ion-related stress and exhaustion disorders. – Balance Me Beautiful

Many specialty gifts are admired for a moment then placed on a shelf. Consider a Himalayan salt lamp that continues to be valued for eternity. The gift of nature is a welcoming addition to anyone, especially those than have limited ability to enjoy the outdoors or allergy sufferers.

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