Scented Candles And Their Soothing Power

Are you sick and tired of thinking of the perfect gift to give to your friends on their birthdays?

Maybe you want to give something a lot more personalized aside from your homey but boring batches of chocolate chip cookies. You hate the thought of giving out generic gifts because you also very much abhor receiving run-of-the-mill gifts that go straight in your basement. It’s high time you learn some do-it-yourself potential gift items that truly make the recipients feel honored to have you as a friend.

One time, while I was out shopping, I came across this quaint specialty shop downtown which sells exquisite how-to book on scented candles. The hard-bound book, which include materials for trial, is fairly cheap so I immediately purchased it and went home delighted. The first batch of candles I made wasn’t exactly perfect but was good enough to display at my room.


If you’re the kind of person who likes romantic candlelight dinner dates or whose idea of relaxation involves quiet reading time by the nook, then the scented ones are for you. These candles come in variety of shapes, sizes and yes, scents that can surely fascinate anyone. Not only are these scented accessories a beauty to behold, they also have the ability to soothe you after a tiring day at work. One has the option to perfume these wax-made products using either synthetic fragrance or essential oils. Both smell terrific but the latter produce more aromatic scents that can generally ease stress. Essential oils, originating from barks and stems of certain plants and flowers like jasmine, lavender, cedar wood, calendula, and lemon grass, lend unique vibrancy and authentic sensuality to a candle. Fragrance oils, on the other hand, are less expensive but also very appealing.


Do scented candles really have certain health benefits or do they also have negative effects on your body? Actually, there are particular kinds or methods of producing candles which are thought of as harmful. Candle experts agree that wicks that are made from metal are dangerous because they often cause lead poisoning and air pollution. Always make sure you purchase a candle made from paper, hemp, or cotton wicks as they are more health and nature-friendly. Beeswax and soy varieties are also safer to use instead of paraffin. When buying questionable products, meticulously ask the vendor about the candle’s method of preparation or the ingredients used. Make sure the ones you buy don’t have chemical additives. Better yet, do your own ration of the candle. Through personally sourcing the materials and preparing them yourself, you can be assured you’re using and giving your loved ones only the best.


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