Memorable Wedding Favors That Everyone Will Love

Custom Candle Co. is introducing a new line of candles for weddings in 2020. Keeping in line with our mission as a natural candle-making company, each of Custom Candle Co.’s candles are made from 100 percent recycled materials and handmade.

Wedding Candles

These candles are also customizable, giving you the liberty to choose the color, scent and type of wick you want. The available colors are black, natural, orange, red, green, lavender, blue, red, yellow and white. This goes for all of the candles we have in this new wedding line.

Custom Candle Co. is giving customers the unique opportunity to include an extra gift within a candle they purchase, that way their candle is a gift that keeps giving. It is only when the recipient begins using the candle and the wax burns away, that they discover a carefully concealed surprise. You are free to mail in the item you would like placed in the candle or you can call today for more information about what we can put inside.

Candles do not just have to be a decoration these days, but instead part of an experience. We have already explained the special option to put a little gift inside the candle, but we have another line of musical love candles that create moods in more than one way. These candles seem normal, but they actually have a QR code on their label, making it so you can scan the code and listen to the song that inspired the candle’s name.

With so many options to choose from, we are sure you can find something for everyone.

Gifts for the Bride

Searching for the perfect gift for a new bride may be overwhelming, but we are here to help you get something she will love. If you would like a fun candle, consider the Team Bride candle or a cute Bride candle complete with a pink heart. Or if you are going for a more rustic look, then take a peek at our tin can containers we turned into candles.

If the bride would have something other than a candle, we have plenty of gift options in our inventory. Check out The Knot, an affiliate website to the Custom Candle Co., where we have hundreds of items from makeup bags, totes, sunglasses, robes, personalized jewelry, clothes, and notebooks.

Gifts for the Groom

This all-natural candle company had men in mind as well as women when they made candles, so the grooms can also get a great gift. Take a look at our shot glass “Mr.” candle, green champagne candle, clear champagne candle, “Team Groom” candle or the wine glass “Mr.” candle.

In addition to our candle gifts for the groom, we have other items you can choose from like watches, flasks, robes, sunglasses, whiskey glasses, lighters, and wallets.

Favors for the Parents

Without the parents, the bride and groom surely would not be who they were on their wedding day if it hadn’t been for their parents or guardians. Parents to the bride and groom deserve a gift as they reflect on the past and look to the future of their daughter or son’s new beginning. It is a memorable day and one way they can remember it more often is with a gift to remind them.

The majority of our wedding candles will remind the parents of that special day, especially with the custom labels, scents, and colors available. Or you can gift elegant jewelry for the mom and watches or beverage glasses for the dad.

Bridesmaids, Groomsmen and Best Man Gifts

Let us not forget all the decision-making assistance and overall support the bridesmaids, groomsmen and best man offer the engaged couple from the moment one partner said yes until the big day, usually months later.

One way the bride and groom can say thank you to the maid of honor and bridesmaids is through a petite Maid of Honor candle in a tin can, a cute Bride’s Mate candle or a simple Bridesmaid candle in a recycled champagne glass. For the groomsmen and best man, a custom duffle bag, backpack or watch is sure to do the trick.

Wedding Favors

A small thank you is a great way to give a token of your appreciation to all those who supported you and your new partner on your special day. A wedding candle with your invitation as the label is an elegant way to say thank you. These invitation candles come in nine different styles.

Click here to see our top-rated wedding favors and here for our new wedding favors. The Knot has a large selection of wedding favors you can choose from that go along with whatever theme your wedding may be. Take a look and see if you can narrow down your favorites because we are sure there will be several you like.

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