Knockout Line

Custom Candle Co, Inc and CBD Live Natural introduce an all natural alternative to men’s personal care products. With a great response to our all-natural CBD women’s care line, we decided to venture into the men’s care line. We offer a full line of beard oil, moisturizers, and lotions that contain CBD and vitamins and minerals that offer many benefits for your skin.

Our Beard Oil is made with 200 MG of CBD, combined with the highest blend of carrier oils and essential oils. Helps to keep your beard conditioned and shiny. It also helps to soften, hydrate and condition your beard while minimizing or eliminating dandruff. It is also infused with CBD oil to help the irritation of the skin, razor bumps, Eczema, acne and inflammation which cause ingrown hairs.

Our hand and body lotion made with 200 MG of CBD is a made with all natural ingredients to help with the skins appearance, nourish the skin, and helps soothe and heal skin conditions. Softens the skin while it moisturizes and soothes. The Shea Butter helps to moisturize, reduce inflammation, and makes skin smooth. It helps with dry skin and helps to protect the skin’s natural oils.

The compound of vitamins and minerals in Shea Butter gives it healing properties that make the skin appear smoother and younger looking. Vitamin E helps prevent signs of aging, keeps skin hydrated and calms the skin, reduces sun damage, can help reduce the appearance of scars, and moisturizes the skin. CBD helps reduce and lighten wrinkles, helps reduce puffiness, redness, fine lines, and inflammation, while nourishing and soothing the skin.

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