Help Prevent Breast Cancer: Volunteer and Purchase Specialty Gifts

There are more than 2.8 million women with breast cancer in the USA. It is the most common diagnosed cancer among American women, while the number of men acquiring the disease has increased too. Because of this, the American Cancer Society (ACS), as well as other non-profit organizations, continues to make an effort to fight the disease. But did you know that you can also be part of this movement in three simple ways? Here’s how.

Volunteers at the ACS Spread Breast Cancer Awareness

The ACS organizes programs that aid the physical, social and emotional needs of breast cancer patients. The institution highly encourages volunteering, as it is one of the best means to spread breast cancer awareness. You can train to become a Reach to Recovery volunteer who provides education and emotional support, or take part in the ACS’ Look Good Feel Better program, which helps patients restore their appearance during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Apart from volunteering, you can also support the organization by purchasing ACS specialty gifts such as candles and jars.

Make Your Voice Heard

Breast cancer awareness is highly important, because apart from supporting the needs of patients, it also allows both men and women to check on their health. Prevention is always better than cure, which is why the ACS’ advocacy organization, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) continues to spread breast cancer awareness through events, social media and petitions. Make your voice heard by signing a petition or by simply sharing information related to the disease.

Take Full Control of Your Health

Other than supporting the ACS, it is also essential to take charge of your health to lessen your risk. You can start by being physically active and maintaining a healthy diet. Eat a good amount of vegetables, fruits, poultry and fish, and limit your alcohol intake. According to research, women who drink two or more alcoholic drinks daily have a higher risk of breast cancer compared to those who only drink once or none at all. You should also conduct a breast cancer exam – at home or with a physician – at least twice a year.

Breast cancer is a killer and you can do something to stop the disease. Share your time, make an effort, and look after your health to prevent the cancer from spreading.

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