Enhance Your Holidays with the Exquisite Creations of Custom Candle

The holidays are the perfect time to indulge all of our senses in the spirit of the season. Flickering lights and alluring aromas can instantly take us back the richest, most nostalgic places in our memories or give us the hope of peace and goodwill in the glowing light of days to come. 


The holiday season is also the ideal time to look for that ultimate gift for the significant people in your life. We invite you to consider how Custom Candle can enrich your festivities this year.

Custom Candle Offers Quality That Lasts

All of our candles are non-toxic, eco-friendly and long-lasting. The products are all natural, each with a unique and personalized touch, from a line of candles for Mom and Dad, to those with just the right quote or exquisite design. The candles are hand-poured designs all made of high-quality natural products, including all-natural soy. Allow our elegance and simplicity to enrich your holiday home decor or presents under the tree this year. 

Look to us for tailor-made gifts that reach out with warmth, beauty and a lingering scent that is sure to please. Our custom design features allow you an enjoyable, interactive way to create a fitting candle through choices of color, scent and decanter. You won’t be able to wait to give the gift that shines forth with both sentiment and style. Rest in the assurance that our line has received recognition as the Best of Westchester for the years 2017-2019

Liquor Bottle Candles Get You Into the Holiday Spirit

Don’t miss our impeccable, pre-made liquor bottle candles. These candles are poured into a wide variety of liquor, beer and wine bottles to commemorate a special taste or event. The lingering aroma is enhanced by the glow reflecting the distinctive cut of the glass. Your sense of goodwill is satisfied knowing that your liquor bottle has been given a second life and purpose, instead of filling a landfill.

Our offer is a holiday event in and of itself: Throughout the month, buy one liquor bottle with our choice of scent and color, and Custom Candle will send another surprise scented liquor candle absolutely free. This will be a holiday package you can’t wait to open.

Delightful Discounts Passed on to You

Don’t miss all of our offerings, from personalized or photo candles, to bottled candles and even essential oils and bath and body products. Enjoy shopping with us on Black Friday, when you will receive a 15% discount on everything we have to offer. Visit us on Mega-Monday, and your savings will increase to 20%. The best just got better with these generous savings. Feel great about all of your purchases with us through the holiday season.

Custom Candle provides the ambiance to cause you to savor the holidays to their fullest. Visit us today to select the perfect gifts, dazzling decorations, or just to take a break from all the holiday hustle and indulge yourself with a distinctive design or scent. After all, you have been very good this year, haven’t you? Come on in to Custom Candle and select the ideal products hand-crafted just for you.

Decorating Ideas for This Holiday Season

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