Candles, Candles, Everywhere

A simple candle is a powerful ball of wax.  These simple light sources can create a romantic setting in seconds. However, candles are also used in aromatherapy, to create a pleasant scent, or just to add a decorative element to a room. Historically, candles have been used in religious ceremonies and weddings.

One of the most popular types is the pillar candle. They are cylinder shaped and are made with wax. They are usually scented. People use these versatile candles to create a relaxing ambiance in the bath, a romantic ambiance in the bedroom, and a pleasant atmosphere in the dining room. You may also find pillar candles are also frequently personalized to commemorate important events, such as a child’s christening or a wedding.

The taper candle is used to add some soft lighting at the dining room table. These candles are designed to fit easily into traditional candlesticks and burn slowly for several hours. They also are used in standard wall sconces.Tapers – 7 inch – Plum Candle

Votive candles are small candles, but they are usually grouped together to make a big impact. You can use votive candles in lanterns or decorative candle holders, but you should never burn them without having them contained in some way, since they are short and could burn down quickly before you notice that the flame has almost reached the furniture surface.

Floating candles are the ideal way to create a beautiful centerpiece. Having candles float in water is beautiful, since the flames reflect on the water’s surface, but also is a great way to burn them safely.

Jar candles are scented candles made with high quality paraffin or soy. These candles can really make a room smell wonderful. Soy candles are a bit more costly than paraffin candles, but burn more cleanly.

Safety First When Using Candles

Finally, since candles have an open flame, they can be dangerous to use. To keep your home safe while you are enjoying your candles, there are a few simple tips you may want to follow.

  1. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
  2. Always use some sort of candle holder. They will help protect furniture from dripping wax.
  3. Consider using a candle shade to reduce soot from candle flames.
  4. To enjoy scented candles without worrying about an open flame, try candle warmers. The candle warmer heats an unlit jar candle from beneath to release the scent. When you use a candle warmer, you will also help your candles last much longer than candles that are burned.


Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

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