About Custom Candle Co

What sets me apart from other candle companies: 

We are unique, natural, and sustainable. All of our jars and wax is hand poured in New York State. We offer jobs within the small business industry in the tri-state area. 

Sustainability is important to me, I created a recycle partnership program to engage our local business owners to reduce waste by taking their used, unwanted bottles and transforming them into unique handcrafted products using soy wax and non-toxic ingredients. 

How I got started with candles:

I LOVE candles. I needed an eco-friendly, non-toxic product because my children and myself suffer from Asthma. I wanted a long-lasting candle that had an aroma that would last long after the candle was extinguished and not make my family sick.

How we are helping people:

All of our products are organic, vegan, GMP certified, made from natural hemp and a product of the United States.

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