5 Ways to Rekindle Romance in Your Relationship

Hearts and Kisses

Get ready to pucker up! February is on its way – and that means Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Although showing how much you love someone can be done on any given day, Valentine’s Day has become the one day that everyone tries to make extra special.

Many people celebrate Valentine’s Day for good reason. It may be to show a family member how much you love or appreciate them. Or it may be to show how much you enjoy someone’s friendship. But it can also be celebrated in order to help reignite a spark in a relationship. Here are five Valentine’s Day ideas that can help rekindle romance in a relationship.

 Show Your Appreciation

Show your loved one that you appreciate them. Often times, couples who have been in a long relationship forget to show appreciation because it can be easy getting caught up in the bustle of everyday life. Learning how to show appreciation can help strengthen a relationship! Here are some small gestures you can do for your partner to show them your appreciation.

  • Say thank you. These simple words can make a big difference! Say them often and mean what you say.
  • Write a note. Write out a note or a letter and leave it on the table, in their work bag or by the bed.
  • Give a gift. A small box of chocolates, flowers or nice scented candles like Love Spell, Fresh Cut Flowers or Amber Romance can make someone feel extra special.

Add a Dash of Romance to Hold On to Intimacy

Being intimate doesn’t always have to mean jumping between the sheets. Simple things like holding hands, embracing one another for a longer period of time or kissing can do the trick in developing intimacy. Physical affection with your partner makes you both feel more connected. It helps to promote and strengthen feelings of trust, love and devotion.

Go On a Date

When was the last time you went out on a date? After being together for a long time, the amount of dates a couple goes on tends to dwindle. But dating is often times what helped bring couples together to begin with. Think about the things you used to do with your partner when you were courting one another and try to continue that. Don’t have time to go out? That’s okay! Cook a meal at home, light some Valentine’s Day scented candles and have a romantic night in.

Have a Conversation

Take the time to sit down and really talk. Talk about things that are on your mind; how you feel. Take the time to show interest in one another and discover something new. When you talk to each other and have deep, meaningful conversations, you are building and strengthening your bond.

Romance Can Be Adventurous

Things can become predictable and routine after being with someone for a while. You think you know everything there is to know about your partner. However, when you put yourself out there and do something different, you get to see one another in a different light. And doing something adventurous or different like going to an amusement park or even going bungee jumping can shake things up in your relationship.

When it comes to romance and relationships, things can get tricky. Keep the spark alive in your relationship by really putting in the time and effort to make things work.

Whether it be doing something adventurous, leaning in for a kiss, or setting up a romantic night in with dinner and candles, make it count. And if you do opt for a candle-lit  dinner or a gift to show your appreciation, let Custom Candle Co. be the one to help you in rekindling the romance in your relationship!

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