3 Unique and Heartfelt Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Every Valentine’s Day, it can feel like a real struggle to find the perfect gift. It seems like everyone always does the chocolate, flowers, dinner thing. You want to do something fresh and different–but you don’t know what. 


There’s nothing wrong with traditional gifts at all. Adding a custom item to the mix, however, can take your romantic day from good to phenomenal in a moment. Here are three unique and heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts you can try this to do exactly that.

Photo Candles

It’s hard to imagine a classic romantic moment without candles. Something about the soft glow and flickering shadows gives a warm fuzzy feeling that nothing else can duplicate. So why not take your candle lit moment to the next level this year? 

Custom photo candles let you choose your favorite couple picture and present it to your sweetheart in a unique way. Our custom photo candles have several frames to choose from. They even allow you to add a personal message to the moment. Once the candle burns out, your loved one will have a beautiful momento left over. He or she can repurpose it into a vase, candy dish or loose change jar.

Musical Candles

The only thing more romantic than candles is music. Our custom musical candles are a wonderful way to make this year’s Valentine’s Day stand out over all the rest. Just choose your container, wax color, and scent. Then send us a list of all the songs that mean something to the two of you. We’ll create a custom playlist you can access via Spotify by scanning a barcode on the candle. 

Musical Diffusers

Perhaps candles aren’t practical for your Valentine’s Day plans but you still want a romantic atmosphere. Consider our musical diffusers instead. The premise is much the same as the musical candles. Send us a list of your songs and we’ll create the custom playlist and code for you.

Scents have a way of enhancing our memory and help us relive a moment. A diffuser can remind you and your significant other of your amazing Valentine’s Day every time you pass by, just because of the smell. That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

So if you want to do flowers and candy this year, absolutely go for it. But consider adding one of these beautiful custom Valentine gift ideas as well. They’ll last much longer than cut flowers or food. Moreover, they’ll show your significant other just how much thought you put into their gift this year. And that is priceless.

The Different Types Of Candles

You need to have the right candle holders for your taper candles