Great Outdoor Summer Ideas During Covid-19

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We had the world turned upside down earlier this year with school closings and working from home due to Covid-19. Now as we head into the summer, things are not back to normal. We may be reluctant to travel and many fairs and festivals are shut down. With having to adjust how we have fun this summer, we can look into our own backyards for entertainment.

Enjoying the summer weather is still possible even when practicing social distancing. Your own yard can be a great place to spend time and entertain guests who maintain their distance. You can create relaxing spots inside and outside your home.

Tips for Your Outdoor Space

There are different things you can do to improve your outdoor space:

Keep the bugs at bay.

Mosquitos can be a huge problem when spending time outside. They can make it impossible to fully relax and unwind. These citronella candles are a great way to keep bugs away. They also make festive decorations for your patio. Because of their small size, transporting them to a park or barbecue is easy as well.

Get an outdoor sofa with cushions.

Cushions are a great addition to your outdoor furniture. They not only add to your comfort, but also make the space look and feel more like an extension of your living room.

Consider a fire pit.

To improve your outdoor hangouts, add a fire pit. It is easy to stay six feet apart with a fire between you and your friend. You can enjoy roasting marshmallows while you catch up.

Hang a hammock.

Most likely your next tropical vacation is a while off. Hang your own hammock and relax in your backyard. Hammocks are great for enjoying the weather, reading or taking a snooze. If you’re feeling a vacation vibe, bring a cocktail.

Add some lighting.

Twinkly lights or tiki torches can create a great atmosphere for get-togethers. They are great for a night with friends or a date night. It is even harder to get out of the house for a date than it used to be. Take your date outside and enjoy the ambiance.

Break out the yard games.

Your backyard is a great place to play. There are many games that you can choose from and still maintain distance. Consider things like croquet, bocce or washer toss.

Bring the outdoor theater experience to you.

Outdoor movie screens are a fun way to experience movies this summer. Even if you are avoiding the movie theater, you can set up your own projector in your backyard and have a great time.

Cool off.

An inflatable pool will help you beat the heat when you are unable to go to the public pools.

Get a pergola.

If you are worried about getting too much sun or want to sit outside while it rains, a pergola is a good choice. These will shield you when you need it.

Do some outdoor cooking.

If it is in your budget, a grill can be a helpful addition to your backyard. You can cook for your friends and family while spending time outside. Grilling is a great way to get that delicious burger without venturing out to a restaurant for it.

Add a bistro set.

A bistro set consists of two chairs and a small table. This set is a great way to add a nice spot to enjoy some coffee or cocktails. It fits even in small spaces like an apartment balcony.

For When You Need to Stay Inside

Whether you have limited outdoor space or are stuck inside during a storm this summer, you can bring the outside to you:

Scented candles.

This nature scents candle collection will bring the smells of the outdoors to you whenever you are stuck inside. You can choose from earth, fire, water and wood.

Set up a tent in the living room.

Another way to bring the outdoors inside is by camping in your living room. You can set up an actual tent or use blankets to create your own.

Use glow-in-the-dark stars.

If you are unable to see the stars, bring the stars to you. Stick some glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling or buy a projector and you can enjoy a fun night under the stars in your own home.

Open the windows for Outdoor Air.

Even if you are unable to go outside, you can still bring in some fresh air by opening the windows. As long as the weather is nice, open windows on all sides of your house to create a breeze. Fresh air can improve your spirits and you will be able to hear the birds too. Open windows can also help cool your house instead of relying on your air conditioning.

Even with a pandemic, there are still many ways we can enjoy the summer within our own property. Take some time to make your space a relaxing oasis and enjoy your summer.

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