Candles That Warm the Heart

I love candles! Big ones, small ones, colorful, scented — you name them and I love them. I started this company because although I loved candles my lungs disagreed. The paraffin and other chemicals used in most commercial candles aggravated my asthma and allergies. So, never being one to sit around I decided to make my own and here we are today.

I knew there were other people just like me who would benefit from a healthier candle. I believed that I could have a positive impact on people’s lives with my candles. That is why it gives me so much pleasure to hear from happy customers — people like Carol C. from Connecticut.

Carol’s Experience with Custom Candles

Hi Marcie,

I just wanted to tell you that you helped me make a lot of people happy this year with your beautiful candles. I gave them as gifts to the seniors who are poor and nurses that work hard and people that just love candles with your cards that I did have so you may be getting orders.

Thank you again for helping me help people. God bless you and have a Merry blessed Christmas. I am telling you Marci this is the only candle I can smell with my allergies I myself will be ordering some of these candles for me. Do you have a book ? and send me some cards to give out to people that are really into candles like my daughter and her friends.

They burn those candles with all the glass turning black I told them that is bad and gave them one to try and they liked it thank you so much I appreciate what you did for everyone. you are a angel. If you could send me some books just a few cards so you can get some orders from these people God bless I  hope you get this alright. I am going to start giving the creams out to they are great to. If you can send me a book with your stuff and some cards.

Carol C.

People like Carol inspire me to do more research on the best ingredients and combinations. They inspire me to keep moving forward. Thank you so much Carol (and friends) for making Custom Candle Co a force for good in the world.   – Marcie

Sharing the Beauty of Candles

You know the saying, “Sharing is Caring,” right? Here are three ways to enjoy the beauty of our candles.

The first one is, obviously, our website. You’ll always find sales here, as well as a variety of candles to choose. When you sign up for our mailing list we’ll send you coupons and keep you up-to-date with new items, store and community events.

The second way is to visit our store. We are located at 25 Depot Plaza, Bedford Hills, NY 10507. Once you step inside you’ll never want to leave. Our staff is warm and inviting and the scents are heavenly.

The third way is to host a Candle Party. You invite your friends, co-workers and family and we bring the store to you. Your party can be themed as a baby shower, bridal shower, pet lovers, whatever. We customize the products we bring to fit your needs.  For more information click here or give us a call at 914.218.8357 and we’ll set things up for you.

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