12 Decorating Resolutions for Your Home in 2020

It is time to say goodbye to 2019 and hello to 2020 – and with the new year comes new resolutions. Most people like to make their new year’s resolutions about their eating or spending habits, but what about home decorating resolutions?

You want your home to be an enjoyable and relaxing space, so what could be better than having decorating resolutions for your home in 2020? Here are 12 decorating tips you can incorporate into you home to give it a fresh, updated style to go with the new year!

Go Green

Give new life to a room simply by adding plants! If you have a large empty space in a room, add a floor plant instead of filling it up with more furniture. You can also accent a console table, shelf or desk with a small potted plant like a succulent, cacti or devil’s ivy.

Plants can give a fresh new look and feel to a room. And they improve the air quality in your home! There are so many varieties of plants that you have endless options of textures, sizes and even scents for the new year.

Declutter Your Home

Clutter can make a room look uninviting and can also cause a lot of unwanted stress. Get rid of that stress by decluttering your home. Take some time out of the new year to go through your kitchen, bathrooms, living room and bedrooms and get organized.

Get rid of the things you do not use or need. And look into storage bins or baskets to help you keep things out of sight and organized. A new year deserves a new, clean look.

Spice Up Your Dining Room

Decorating doesn’t always have to be complex. In fact, it can be quite simple! You can add a simple decoration to spice up your dining room – candles.

You can use candles to make a simple but elegant table centerpiece. Or try using unique, up-cycled liquor candles to spice up a bar cart and console table in your dining room. They don’t just look great – they’re great conversation starters, too.

Rearrange Furniture

It’s a new year, and you may be ready for a whole new look. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy new furniture. Look at what you have in the room and rearrange your sofas, chairs, tables and shelves. Try a different layout for a whole new look without having to spend a fortune!

Make It Personal

Go for a personal look this year with artwork made by you or your family. Display artwork on the wall or shelves. Or if you aren’t exactly the artistic type, you can also opt for personal photos of family, pets or scenic pictures taken by you.

Art pieces and photos make great focal points. You can even get customized candles with personal quotes or pictures to display on tables. Consider making a gallery wall or decorating shelving space in your home. Make it personal for a nice, homey feel.

Transform Your Bathroom

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be drab. You can transform it into your own relaxing haven. Add bath salts and scented candles or diffusers to your bathroom. Use soft colors like light blues, greens or grays for a more relaxing ambiance.  And give it a luxurious feel with a plush robe and slippers.

Paint Your Walls

Are you ready for something completely different? If you are ready for a big change, why not try a new paint color for your walls?

Colors can bring about different moods to a room. And depending on the room you are painting, you will want something different. For example, you would want your bathroom and bedroom to have a calm and relaxing feel to it. Blue hues can be calming, while yellow brightens and increases energy. And white can make a room feel more spacious, while green can reduce anxiety. Be bold and try different colors for a whole new feel!

Revamp With Bright Colors

You don’t always have to change the paint on your walls to make a statement. If you aren’t ready for a big change, you can give pops of color to a room by switching out the pillows on your sofa. Choose new pillows with bright colors to compliment what you already have in the room.

Use Your Fireplace

Fireplaces are a beautiful focal point in a room, but more often than not, they go unused. This year, decorate and use your fireplace without having to deal with all the soot and ash from burning wood.

You can still make the fireplace a focal point by decorating it with liquor candles. Put a variety of different sizes on the mantle, large candles in the fireplace or on either side of the fireplace. Make the room feel warm and welcoming without the mess.

Use Different Textures

Different textures can bring warmth to a room. Use different textures for your throws, pillows and rugs to prevent rooms from feeling lifeless and cold. Try a knitted pillow or a fluffy throw for some variety. Textures add dimension to a room which makes a room more interesting.

Decorate Forgotten Spaces

When decorating, people don’t often have the garage, basement, entryway or mudrooms on the top of their list. This year, revive these spaces to make sure every corner of your home gets a little love.

Something as simple as new storage bins, a new rug or fresh coat of paint can give that forgotten space in your home a new facelift.

Accent Wall

Accent walls break up a pattern within a room. Walls are typically painted a single, flat color and can be rather boring. However, you can make a room much more interesting by having an accent wall. If you are ready for more excitement in your room, try an accent wall. You can paint one wall a different color or opt for wallpaper with a pattern.

Make this new year special with these 12 decorating resolutions for your home. There are plenty of simple or big changes you can do to revamp each room in your house. Get ready for a whole new look this year!

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