Get Your Mom the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

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Mother’s Day is a wonderful day to celebrate your mother and other important women in your life. This year, due to COVID-19, it may not be possible to have a “normal” Mother’s Day visit. Thankfully, there are ways to virtually visit your family members and send them gifts through the mail that will make the day special.

Here are a few ideas that can help make your Mother’s Day meaningful:

Mother’s Day Candles

We have some beautiful Mother’s Day candles that are perfect gifts for mothers and grandmothers. Our candles say things like, “Boss Mom”, “I Love You Mom”, and “Hot Momma.” For grandmother’s, we have a candle that says, “Happy Mother’s Day Grandma.” Our candles are all PETA-free, paraben-free, and are made with all-natural soy. You can choose from scents like French Vanilla, Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Coconut, Cotton Candy, and so much more. You can even create your own scent. Whether you want to buy this for your mom, or for another special women in your life, she will love it.

Quote Candles

If you would like a more personalized candle for your mom or for another special woman in your life, check out our quote candles. These candles say things like, “Never Forget That You Are One of a Kind”, and “Thinking of You.” As mentioned above, you can choose from a wide variety of scents that will make your gift even more special. And again, feel free to send these candles directly to your loved one if you can’t see her this Mother’s Day.

Gift Baskets

Our personalized  gift baskets make the perfect present for someone special. We have small, medium, and large baskets, as well as luxury custom baskets. You can choose a variety of our products and have them wrapped beautifully in one of our baskets. Choose your candle sizes, scents, diffusers, essential oils, and other products you would like to include in the basket. Prices vary. To design your basket exactly how you would like, call our shop. Upon ordering, you can have these baskets sent directly in the mail to someone special. These baskets will make Mother’s Day a day to remember, even if you can’t be there with your loved on in person.

Our Other Products

At Custom Candle Co, we have a variety of products that would make great Mother’s Day gifts. We have bath and body products, pet products, diffusers, essential oils, personalized photo candles, musical candles, and so much more. Our products are great because can they can be personalized, which makes them very special to give as gifts. Check out our shop to see what your mom and other family members might like for Mother’s Day. You will definitely find something perfect.

Virtual Mother’s Day

Once you have chosen your gift, make sure to think about how you can see your mom and other loved ones this Mother’s Day. If you cannot visit in person, you can plan to have a FaceTime call or call them on Skype. You can even set up a call on Zoom, which is great if you have lots of people who want to be on the call. Although these virtual options are not ideal, it is the best way to see the people you love while maintaining social distancing.

If you want to “be there” while your loved ones open their Mother’s Day gifts, order your candles soon, so they can arrive in the mail in time for Mother’s Day. Then, on the special day, you can have your virtual call and can watch your mom open her gifts. Being with her and those you love on Mother’s Day would be much better, but this year, we have to make adjustments. If you take the time to plan a virtual call, your mom and other loved ones will know how much they mean to you, and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Check Out Custom Candle Co – We Can Help You Purchase the Perfect Gift

At Custom Candle Co, we care about our customers and their needs. If you have any questions about our products and would like to talk to one of our staff members, call our store at 918-218-8357. Our staff can help you choose the perfect gift for Mother’s Day or any other occasion. They can also help you design a great custom basket for your loved one and get it shipped out right away. Give us a call today.

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