Suicide prevention

Steven’s Story (The Artist)

February 28, 2020 became the darkest day for our family when our beloved Steven Alan Lichtenthal, husband, father, son, brother, friend, colleague, and mentor took his life unexpectedly. Steven LIVED alongside depression for over 20 years taking medication as part of his daily routine and thriving throughout those years. We would never say he suffered from depression, but lived with it and fought hard against it. In fact, only a few knew it was even a part of him.

Upon his death our family was confronted by boundless numbers of people who spoke to his interest in how they were doing while never interjecting with information about himself unless prompted. He was humble, kind and fiercely loyal almost to a fault. Steven worked hard to achieve his role as a Managing Director in his place of employment and made it his mission to create connections throughout the organization both in the US and globally where possible. He worked long hours and commuted 3 hours a day which left little time to pursue much beyond the scope of his employment and familial responsibilities. Steven had simply not enough time to be Steven. That being said he reveled in the time he could spend with his family and friends and had a successful marriage of 30 years with two beautiful daughters.


Within the last year or so of his life he became interested in “Marbling,” a painting technique that was as unique as he and when possible spent weekend time in the garage honing and developing his techniques.  Steven was not sure what in fact he would do with his work, sell it, keep it, create a path towards an eventual retirement, or just use it as an outlet.  None of us could have imagined that his “creations” would become the center of our hope to Shine A Light. 

We have chosen this name working from the initials of our beloved, but our goal going forward is to bring awareness to so many that must need to know to always look within and feed their souls. We want to speak to the urgent need for mental health awareness in the workplace.  We must remember that we are not machines, yet unique and delicate individuals who must be tended to just as Steven tended to his unique pieces of art. Please join our family as we light the way to spread the word that we are so much more than our paychecks and our 9-5 titles.

Let us also work together to remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues and speak out loud and proud of how we are wired, seeking help always where we need it without living under a cloak of shame. Steven Alan Lichtenthal was beautiful and selfless, and therefore it is our mission to honor him by helping others turn their darkness into light.

A portion of the proceeds from Shine A Light goes towards the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP).