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Turquoise/gold – Stone of the Sky

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Turquoise : Stone of the Sky. Mood elevator. Allows the soul to express itself. Encourages enthusiasm, peace, balance, truth, wisdom and forthrightness. Uncovers artistic abilities.

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African Turquoise Stone Bracelet – Stone of Transformation

African Turquoise : Stone of transformation. Brings change to the wearer's life. Encourages growth and development. Channels positive energy and increases optimism Helps in making clear decisions.
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Arc Lighter

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Jasper – Stone of the Earth

Jasper | Stone of the Earth. Connects the wearer to the Earth. Absorbs and dispels negative energy. Brings confidence.
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Jade – Stone of Dreams

Jade | Stone of dreams. Promotes deep and restful sleep. Encourages harmony in relationships. Symbolizes growth and vitality. Brings good luck.
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Moonstone Stone Bracelet – Stone of Balance

Moonstone: Stone of balance. Promotes inner growth and strength in the wearer for new beginnings. Soothes stress and instability. Inspires success and good fortune in love and business matters.
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Metallic Tassel Wrap – gunmetal/silver

The Metallic Tassel Wrap is made with matte crystal beads and mini metallic tassels strung with nuggets of gold and silver. It can be worn wrapped 4-5 times for a bracelet or wrap 1-2 times as a necklace.
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Red w/ Blue & White Hook Bracelet

Amazing hook bracelet, perfect for your wrist. One Size fits all.
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